How To Unlock Any Pattern Lock On Android Phone

Android operating system is now used by millions of users worldwide. The reason why Android is very famous in mobile operating system sector is that it has a wide variety of features and apps.

We all have activated either a pattern or PIN lock feature as this helps users to secure our smartphone from intruders. Normally we use pattern lock to protect our phone and others use some applications.

However, sometimes we forget our own pattern lock or PIN lock and we end up locking our Android devices. There are many options available to recover the pattern lock. However, what if you can’t bypass the Pattern lock at any cost?

Don’t worry, we are going to explore a working method that will help you to unlock pattern lock on Android smartphone without losing data. Let’s check it out.

How To Unlock Pattern Lock On Android Phone

Aroma File Manager:

1) Download and install Aroma File manager on your computer and then place it on your SD card. Insert the SD card into your locked Android smartphone

2) Open the Stock recovery mode by rebooting your device and pressing the Power Key + Volume up key simultaneously. Well, the stock recovery mode varies on different models. You can search it on google if you face any problem.

3) Once you entered the recovery mode you need to utilize the Volume UP and Volume Down buttons to scroll up and down and to select use the middle button or home button.

4) Click on ‘Install Zip from SD Card’ and browse the file ‘Aroma File Manager’ from SD card. Install it and it will open in Recovery mode.

5) Now from the AROMA file manager go to settings and click on “Automount all devices on start” and then exit.

6) Again click on ‘Install Zip from SD Card’ and browse to install ‘Aroma File Manager’ from SD card. It will open the Aroma File Manager.

7) Now go to Data Folder > System Folder and search for gesture.key or password.key. You need to delete anyone file and then exit the aroma file manager and restart your device.

You will still notice a password or pattern lock. However, you need to draw any pattern and it will open your Android device. However, make sure to note down the pattern because it will be saved.

This is how you can unlock your Android pattern lock. Hope this helped you, makes sure to share it as much as possible

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