How to Make Your Windows PC Faster and More Responsive

With time your Windows system loose its fast responsiveness, and start to slowdown or even crawl.

There is my few tips to keep it responsive.

Startup entries

Some developers like to add startup processes to their softwares with good reasons but sometimes it is not worth the shot.
Do you need your Video/Audio player, Phone apps, graphic soft to start with windows? surely not !

So you must disable them from the startup, you have many tools to do it, but i will choose the simplest ones

1- Msconfig.exe

Go to start menu -> click on “run…” -> type msconfig -> startup tab -> uncheck the entries of applications you don’t need to start with windows.

2- Ccleaner

This very effective software is not only good at cleaning your system fro junk files and old registry’s entries but also it help to delete useless startup entries

open it, go to “Tools” -> Startup -> uncheck the unwanted entries

3- Wise Care 365

This free soft can be installed or be used as portable.

open it, go to “System Tuneup” tab -> Startup Manager -> let it populated the list -> turn off the non-essentials entries that slow down the boot (depending your taste and suggestions given by the soft)


Windows is made to be easy to use and focus on a large types of users, unfortunately if you are not a “mediavore” or “remote controller” kind of user, many services will be useless to you. so you can set them on “manual ” or simply disable them.

Be sure to understand what you will disable, some services have redundancies that may affect your normal use of Windows

Again you have many ways and tools to do it.

1- Services.msc

the built-in services monitor, you can tweak it using Black Viper services configuration guide

: A portable apps that have some pre-configured setting

3- Advanced Win Service Manager
: It show the services and indicate if some of them are suspicious or even dangerous

4- Wise Care 365:

open it, go to “System Tuneup” tab -> Startup Manager -> Services -> let it populated the list -> turn off the non-essentials entries that slow down the boot (depending your taste and suggestions given by the soft)

Contextual Menu

Again softwares like to put some entries to your contextual menu that slowdown its appearance and make it messy

you have many ways to reduce it, there is a good guide with 2 very useful tools


Malwares are quite known responsible for make your system crawling, be sure to visit safe websites and use a security solutions (AVs, sandboxing, etc..)


As malwares will cripple your system you must use an Antivirus or other security application to be safe from them, unfortunately some are heavy on your resources, be sure to take a light one.
Remember that using 2 or more AVs in same time will make reduce your security, create issues & conflicts and of course slowdown your system (unless they are complementary)

Here you will find a good thread about light AVs/Suites :

Responsiveness tools

i have those tool in mind, some others surely exist.

Process Lasso allows you to monitor the responsiveness of your system, CPU,RAM, etc… usage. Use it with cautions

Soluto will check which apps slow you down, just follow the steps. Tips: since Soluto slow the boot time for its scanning, use it only one time, write down the faulty apps, then uninstall Soluto.

Wise Care 365

open it, go to “System Tuneup” tab -> System Optimizer-> Tick the entries you want .

Registry Defrag tools

This is a controversial topic, some says that defragmenting the registry aford nothing to the speed when others says it does, anyway if you want to try there some tools:

Wise Care 365:

open it, go to “System Tuneup” tab -> Registry Defrag -> Run it

That is all i can think about, i will update the thread if i find new tweaks.

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