Google Voice Wi-Fi calling beta starts rolling out

Google has finally started enlisting users to beta test for a data-only calling option on the Google Voice. Wi-Fi calling lets you reduce roaming charges when you’re on the go, stay connected when you have poor cell service and the ability to make calls from any device or from the web.

For now, it is only available on mobile and the web, but iOS support will be available soon, says Google. Since it is in beta, incoming call recording or transfer options when you switch on data are not available. Bluetooth controls like answer or hang up are also missing. You won’t be able to use earpiece mode when a Bluetooth device is paired and there is also chance that your calls might be dropped if you try to switch between Bluetooth and speakerphone.

Google says that calls use approximately 0.2 MB of data per minute but might vary depending on available bandwidth and network quality. Since it in beta testing phase, users those who wish to try it out will have to fill up the sign-up form and update your Google Voice app.

Post Author: Mich-el Obi

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