Are you a very organized person who likes to color-code all of your folders at work or at home? If you’re into visually organizing your paperwork, then you might also be excited to know that you can do the same thing for all of your digital folders too! Imagine being able to change the icon […]

How to Make Your Windows PC Faster and More Responsive

With time your Windows system loose its fast responsiveness, and start to slowdown or even crawl. There is my few tips to keep it responsive. Startup entries Some developers like to add startup processes to their softwares with good reasons but sometimes it is not worth the shot. Do you need your Video/Audio player, Phone […]

6 Ways To Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Android

If you are an Android user and you don’t take cellular data usage for ggranted, here are the tips ypu can follow to reduce the data consumption of your mobile device. 1. Turn on data compression on Chrome! Most of you are probably Android supporters. And hence, you are also likely Chrome users. Did you know […]

How to Know If the Computer Is Virus Infected

Your computer woes could be the result of a nasty virus. How can you tell? Here are five of the most common symptoms of computer viruses. If your computer shows one or more of these, you’re probably infected. 1. POP-UP ADS Running into a pop-up ad while you’re surfing used to be a serious annoyance, but modern […]

How to Hide Sensitive Notifications on Android Lock Screen

Android’s lock screen is one of the best things about it. It provides instant access to various applications and gives us notifications on various apps. But when we are dealing with sensitive data, Lock screen doesn’t seem to be a safe place. For example if you receive a text message from google on latest OTP, […]

5 Awesome ways Developers Can Make Extra Money From Home

Developers these days wonder about not getting a job even after mastering several programming languages. Developing a site is not the only possible job you can do being an  expert in a programming language. Many people want to earn money from his/her own home instead of visiting office regularly.  There are several ways a developer can earn […]

4 Best Apps to do Programming on Android Platform

If you are a programmer and love to code, you often feel like you want to write some code but you may not have your mac with you or you may be away from your desktop PC. Here are 4 amazing android apps that let you code anywhere and anytime. 4 Best Apps to do Programming […]

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows

We all happen to have duplicate files on our computer and they waste a lot of precious space on our hard drive. If you are someone who uses an SSD the pain is more for you. Here is how you can remove duplicate files and free up some disk space. We recommend some programs here. Each one we […]

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Is Your Computer Running Slow?, Here are Some Steps To Fix It.

Is your Windows computer running slow ?, here are some steps you can take to increase the speed of it. Note: We only cover an overall slow computer. But not a computer with a very slow boot-up speed or one with a slow internet connection. Reboot If you have not rebooted your computer recently. Try rebooting it, […]

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