Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges UBA Leo at Facebook F8

UBA Leo was in Silicon Valley on Tuesday the 1st of May 2018 and shared the stage with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook F8 Conference. Every year since 2007 — with a few exceptions — Facebook has hosted the Facebook F8 Developer’s Conference. The conference is for developers and entrepreneurs who build products […]

Instagram now rolling Focus portrait-mode to Android and iOS, brings Mention stickers to iOS

Instagram is now rolling out ‘Focus’ feature which is nothing but a portrait-mode for photos and videos falling in line with the earlier reports. The focus feature is now available on iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X and, select Android devices. Once you update the app, you will see the new “Focus” option […]

10 problems that every programmer has to face in his life

1. Hardware The forehead smacker: Software, of course, can’t do much of anything without hardware on which it can run. As much as some software developers would like to ignore the hardware end of things, it’s inevitable that, sooner or later, they’ll be faced with hardware-specific issues when building or debugging a program. That’s why […]

7 algorithms and data structures every programmer must know

In programmers life algorithms and data structures is most important subject if they want to go out in the programming world and make some bucks. Today, We will see what they do and where they are used with simplest examples. This list is prepared keeping in mind their use in competitive programming and current development […]

10 Must Apps for the Programmers if they want to be professional

Every Programmer should know that with a well-equipped hardware we need a good software to utilize the resources as a programmer you will code every day. Here are some apps that will help you on the Go 1.DroidEdit If you want a code editor for android DroidEdit is the Best Editor for you, compatableI can […]

10 Games That Teach Kids To Code

In this world 36 million kids have taken part in Hour of code activities, by helping them to develop their skill in technology use and that might help to get a job one day. Most of your kids wont be interesting in coding but these games can improve problem-solving and thinking skills which is important […]

How To Create Dangerous Virus With Notepad

Viruses are malware which can cause a lot of harm to P.C., Computer and Laptop. Usually, they spread through sharing of files specially on Internet. Torrents file sharing and Email attachments are common ways to spread a virus. Before going into detail, let me explain what a Batch File is? It is simply a text […]

12 Best (Unbeatable) Notepad Tricks (Codes & Hacks)

We are back with the best notepad tricks. You might wonder that how this is possible? Well, this is true and you can able to use notepad and do trick with your friends. There is a programming language which uses to make notepad tricks. However, if you don’t know the programming language then don’t worry […]

10 Best Rules to follow if you want to Code your App Securely

Validate input. Validate inputs from all untrusted data sources. Proper input validation can eliminates the vast majority of software vulnerabilities. Be suspicious of most external data sources, including command line argument, network interfaces, environmental variables, and user controlled files . Heed compiler warnings. Compile code using the highest warning levels available for your compiler and […]

How To Become A Gaming Programmer :Guide

Many of us have a common dream when we are kids, yes I am talking about game development. Gaming programming is a very cool and popular jobs in the current industry. Gaming programmers help write and code the software for video games. In your job, you’ll typically be part of a collaborative creative team that […]

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